Wiping Rags

Wiping Rag packaging


Our reclaimed, new woven, and non-woven wiping rags can be purchased in your choice of clear polybags, compressed boxes, or traditional hand packed boxes. All products are packed and labeled with their full NET weight. Our packaging ensures we are in compliance with measurement standards.

Our innovative compressed box concept help our customers requests for reduced space requirements in warehouses and stores. Our durable compressed box comes with punch-out holes for easy dispensing and handling. The compressed polybag is thicker than most plastic packaging and can be slit open to allow easy dispensing of the rags and it is less expensive than corrugated packaging.

Download more information about our wiper count and packaging by clicking on the file links above.

Are you really getting what you paid for when you buy that 10-pounds of wiping rags? Watch this video we have created to explain the difference between net weight and gross weight boxes of rags. You'll be more informed when looking around for the best deals! If you are ready to make a purchase please call 1-800-670-7338 or email sales@texrag.com or use this form here to get a competitive quote of your requirements.